Atlantic's main bulk of trades is in agricultural products but not limited to these. Metals, minerals and energy commodities add to the total, and could potentially add-on other commodities depending on market demand.


In addition, the company offers import and export brokerage services. This includes procurement, contracting and consulting. It also has commodity financing capabilities.


Current and future focuses remain on commodities trade. Nonetheless, it is constantly exploring new business opportunities, to sustain consistent long-term growth.


The company has a strong network in Southern Asia and Latin America. It has since achieved a largest trade volume in Southern Asia. Apart of these markets, the team has extensive knowledge of other Asian and European markets. The company strives to expand its market and to sustain growth by delivering excellent service, maintain good understanding specific customer's needs and very importantly to add value.


Atlantic is covering a niche mid-market segment of the industry which is typically difficult to be serviced by the bigger multinational players, without the necessary closeness to customers. This intimate rapport with our customers and suppliers gives the competitive advantages. It has since translates into more efficient trades. Moreover, with close cooperation with many financial institutions and the team's technical knowledge of the industry, the company is capable of handling commodity financing.


While focus is still in growing the present market, the company is pursuing new markets in the Asian and European regions.