Atlantic Industrial & Trading Pte Ltd was incorporated on 10 March 2011 in the Republic of Singapore, as a private company limited by shares, with headquarter based in Singapore.


The management believes it is addressing a market destined to grow substantially with good business network built on fundamental of trust in all aspects of its business.


Its promoter and majority shareholder is Mr Daniel Amarilla, a veteran in the commodities trade industry. Atlantic has a limited number of private investors.


Mr Amarilla brought together a group of professionals who are knowledgeable about the industry.

The ultimate success of Atlantic is dependent upon the management’s industry knowledge accumulated over the years, well established network with its stakeholders, plus its strength in leading a team of high calibre individuals, to power its business operations and effectively deliver the business; thereby create immense synergy for the company.

While focus remains on its core business of commodities trade, the company is concurrently exploring new opportunities.


Profitability with the present trading partners is expected to be excellent and the company expects profitability to accelerate with the increase of working capital. Both market share and revenue projection will, at the minimum, be achieved in the projected timeframe.


The management is confident, with a strong team of human resources, good market contacts and team resourcefulness; it will continue to have improved access to commodities, good customers profile and exposure to new business opportunities.